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Mastering a Skill


Steps to Mastering a Skill…

mastering a skill - woman running up steps of the skill levels to become a master

Steps to Mastering a Skill & learning a new skill at 40

3 Questions for you – 

1. Is this your Passion?

2. Will you use a coach, so you don’t reinvent the wheel?

3. Is this what you really want to do?

If any of these are not TRUE, Mastering this subject may take way more than 1 Thousand Hours.It may be impossible for you to master at all.

Clincher QuestionAre you mastering this skill for the money you will earn once you acquire the skill,  or, your passion for all things related to the skill?

If it’s for the money, STOP. – GO Find Your Passion.

So We Start to Master a Skill

You Start your Skill at the beginning...

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know, But It Looks Easy!

Think about the fairground Games you’ve played – They Looked easy before you played them..


When you started playing the games you soon realize, there’s more skill involved in the game than first appeared..

This makes you, a beginner.

The Next step is a Novice.

This is the stage when you know what you don’t know, and it’s harder than you first thought. The stage you are at is. Conscious Incompetence, or Novice.

Think about when you learned to tie your shoe lace’s, how often did you say, I don’t know how to do it?, it’s too hard..

The next step is Advanced Beginner, or semi competent.

You Know how to do it, but, it takes hard work to complete. You are an advanced Beginner, with signs of semi competence, at times.

You now have Conscious competence, you are aware when you get it right or wrong.

The Next step comes on days when you are proficient.

You can now say you know how to do it. With relative ease.

This is Unconscious competence.

Next step is an Expert,
You can now do this skill and it looks easy to everyone else. You have total unconscious competence.

You can jump in at any stage of the skill and drift to the end with ease.

Continue to hone and practice your skill for several years and you are a Master.

Teaching others is now effortless, correcting any mistake made by others often before the path to the mistake starts. You are able to describe, picture and communicate any aspect of the skill without notes, aids or prompting with ease.

You have total Unconscious competence.

So you may relate to this master state, think about how you learn’t to drive,.

If you have been driving for several years, you no longer have to think about the gear changes or what to do in any situation. You often travel hours without realizing or remembering where you’ve been or actions you had to take to overcome problems.

This is because you have mastered driving.

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Thank you for following the steps to Mastering a Skill

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stages of mastering a skill

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